Architectural Changes

Prior to any home owner performing any alterations or additions that would change the external appearance of their lot per the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Article VI, an Architectural Change Request Form is required to be submitted to the Board of Directors.

Examples include but are not limited to: fence, wall, outside antenna, satellite dish - greater than 24" in diameter, addition of storm windows or doors, moving or altering the privacy fence, building a swimming pool, garage or gazebo, etc. 

The Architectural Change Request form is accessible via:

Download the form here.

  • Select All > Copy from the current page and paste it into a Word document.
  • Request a hard copy of the form from a Board member.

To view the Architectural Change Procedures document:   Architectural Change Process



The Homeowner:

1. Complete and submit the Architectural Change Request Form (form) prior to any changes being made.

2. For certain changes, i.e. deck additions, in ground pools, fences, sidewalks, sun room additions, etc., a plat for the lot must be provided with the form.

3. If the request includes any structural changes/additions to the home, modifications to the existing driveway, or other type of changes,  a rendering of the proposed changes must also be included with the form.

4. If the request is to attach/tie in to a neighbor’s fence, obtain written agreement from the neighbor and submit with the change form.

5. Submit the form(s) to the HOA at PO Box 278, Hermitage, TN 37076 or deliver to a Board or Committee member, or scan and email to themeadowsofsevenpoints@gmail.comNOTE:  until all forms that are required are received no review will begin nor will any approval be given to the homeowner to commence changes. 


The Committee members:

1. Determine if the dues are current for that Lot.

2. Visit the Lot to examine the request. If applicable, take a picture of the area to be changed and attach to paper work.

3. Have 30 days from receipt of request to return a decision.

4. As needed, insure a majority of the Committee review the request.

5. If all is in order, approve, date and sign the form.

6. File the original and return an approved copy to the homeowner.

7. Update the Board via the Architectural Committee Report.

8. Revisit the lot to insure compliance with approved Architectural Change Request Form at estimated completion date. Take picture of the final product.

9. Maintain Architectural Change Log.

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