The Meadows of Seven Points has various committees to serve the needs of our neighborhood.  The committees consist of Board members and homeowners in the subdivision.  It is not necessary to be a Board member to serve on the committees.  If you would like to join a committee please contact any of the committee members or send an email to

Grounds Maintenance Committee:   Sharon Yates (Chairperson) Scott Seaman. This committee works to ensure our neighborhood is maintained properly in regards to the common grounds, streets, sidewalks, entrances, street signs, etc.

Architectural Committee:   Roger Simmons (Chairperson), Brad Hone, Sharon Yates, Scott Seaman, Roger Simmons  This committee processes all requests for architectural changes to the outside of our homes, including: patios, decks, sidewalks on personal property, play sets, swimming pools, and anything else that relates to changes to the external appearance of your property.

Welcoming Committee:  Sue Lackey And Donna Spears (Co- Chairs) This committee is responsible for contacting new homeowners to welcome them to the Meadows of Seven Points and to provide them  information on our website, Board members, etc.

Compliance Committee:  Scott Seaman (Chairperson), Donna Spears.  This committee upholds the polices of the HOA by contacting and working with homeowners on any issues related to the Covenants and Policies..