Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental Policy

Lot Maintenance

 Lot Maintenance Guidelines


Fence Guidelines

Pergolas, Gazebos, and Retractable Awnings
The tops/roofs on these structures are to be made of canvas cotton/polyester fabric or woven acrylic fabric and are required to be a solid cream, tan, or color matching the trim of the house, with no stripes or designs in the fabric.
These structures are required to be erected on decks or patios.
At no time can the metal frame of these temporary/permanent structures stand alone on the deck or patio.  The canvas roof/top cannot show signs of wear & tear.

Screened Deck Room  

The room addition must conform to the harmony of surrounding structures and topography and the roof shingles for the added room must match the house shingles.

Playsets will be wooden or metal (not plastic).   Plastic slides are allowed.
Playsets require an architecture change request form and approval prior to installation.

Roofs will be a standard shingle to match the shingles originally installed by builder - Timberline Slate Blend 

Flag Poles

Inground flag poles should be submitted for approval before an work begins, link to guidelines below.

Inground Flag Pole Guidelines 

Gas Lights

Lamp Post Lighting Guidelines

As the only source of light for our neighborhood, we request that the Gas lights on each lot remain lit at all times.  Piedmont Natural Gas will relight the fixture for you at no cost. Call Customer Service @ 1-800-752-7504 to schedule an appointment or they will supply mantles free of charge if you wish to light it yourself.  Make sure you tell them you have a Batson Home. They won't change it for you if you have any plants at the base of your gas lamp.  

Approved electric conversion kits for Gas lights are available.  http://www.gaslightconversions.com/.  

 The electric lights should be lit dusk-to-dawn.


Mailbox Guidelines

Trash Can Screens

Trash Screen Guidelines



 Other types of additions needing approval via Architectural Change Request forms:  patios, sidewalks, decks, stand-a-lone flagpoles, window boxes.

Above-ground swimming pools are not allowed in the neighborhood. Inground pools must have approved Architectural Form before any work begins.

Common Ground Use
Use of common ground for staging must be requested on the Architectural Change Request Form.  There is a $500.00 deposit to insure the common ground is returned to the same condition as it was before the project started.  Homeowners or their contractors cannot place and or store dirt, rock or any part of the project on common ground.

Prior to the project, the Board will take pictures of the area that will be used by the Homeowner to show the condition of the common ground prior to use.  Upon completion of the project, the Board will check the condition of the common ground and, should there be no need to repair the common ground, the deposit will be returned.  Should repairs need to be made, pictures should be taken to show damage done.  Once repairs are accomplished, the remainder of the deposit will be returned or an invoice will be sent to the homeowner for the additional cost.

Association Dues/Late Fees
Association Dues are $225 per year, if we have an email address on file it is discounted to $217.80 per year. They are paid annually.  Discount of $17.80 is given if dues are paid in full in January.
A $10 per month late fee is assessed on dues that are not paid timely.
The late fee is applicable after a 30-day delinquency.
Architectural change requests will not be approved for any homeowner delinquent on annual dues.