QuickStart Guide

June 2014


HOA-Quick Start List  







The MOSP HOA is self managed by a seven (7) person Board of Directors. Directors are elected to three (3) year terms at the annual members meeting held in October. An official notification is sent to all homeowners well in advance of the meeting specifying the exact time, date, and place along with meeting agenda, policies, and names of candidates for election to the Board along with other pertinent information.





Declaration of CCR’s Policies & Guidelines


We are a covenant community. All homeowners are responsible for reading and following the covenants. By accepting the title to your home, you have accepted the responsibility and have agreed to abide by the covenants. Our Declaration of CCR’s can be found on our website.

Homeowners and renters must comply with the HOA rules and regulations. They are in place to protect property values, preserve the standards and integrity of our community, and make living at MOSP more enjoyable for everyone. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to enforce all the rules. Homeowners will be given a written warning if a violation occurs and given a time frame to resolve the issue(s). Violations impact overall neighborhood appearance and property values and must be resolved in a timely manner.



Architectural Review Committee


As a new homeowner, you may already have some ideas on how to improve your property. Please keep in mind, the HOA has an Architectural review Committee to help maintain the standards of our neighborhood. The purpose of this committee is to protect and maintain the value of our homes. Any modifications to the exterior of your home and/or lot must be submitted via an architectural change request for approval before any work begins. You will find the request form on our website. 




Annual Assessments

Membership in the HOA means homeowners must pay maintenance fees. The timely payment of these fees is vital to sustaining MOSP appearance as these funds are used to maintain the landscaping and irrigation of the front entrance, upkeep on all common areas including mowing, tree maintenance, mosquito control, street/stop signs, speed limit sign painting, and sidewalk cleaning and sealing in common areas. Each homeowner is responsible for paying dues by January 31st of each year. The HOA has a Late Fee and Collection Policy published on the website.


Trash Cans


Outside storage of trash cans, recycling bins, and/or other disposal receptacles requires screening from the view of neighbors or the public. An approved Architectural Change Request is required.


Lawn & Lot Maintenance

Homeowners are responsible for mowing and edging their lawns on a regular basis to maintain the appearance and standards of our community. Please do not blow or sweep trimmings onto sidewalks or into the streets. These should be picked up as part of your regular lawn care.






Our community is pet friendly. As a courtesy to your neighbors and in accordance with Davidson County ordinances, pets must be on a leash. Pet waste must be removed and disposed of properly. There are four (4) Doggie Stations in our community with plastic bag dispensers. Please do not allow your pets to use other homeowners lawns as bathrooms.





No vehicles are to be parked on lawns or routinely overnight on streets. There is a maximum of 12 hours street parking per week. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform guests, visitors, and family members of these restrictions. Boats, trailers, campers, or recreational vehicles may not be kept, stored, or parked on the property or any public street for more than 48 hours in any month.