Some Neighborly Reminders

Common Areas - For those of you with property that backs up to or adjoins common areas.  Please do not clear trees, brush, etc from those areas.  If something needs to be done, contact the board and we will address issues with our landscapers.  Please do not dump brush, leaves, trees, etc in the common areas.  This can interfere with drainage.

Pets - remember not everyone has pets, nor do your neighbors appreciate it when your pet uses their lawn as a bathroom.  Try to keep your pets from using the bathroom on our neighbors lawns.  At the very least, please clean up your pet's messes.

Wildlife - Deer and coyotes are frequently seen in our neighborhood.  Please be on the lookout for both.  See Metro Animal Control regarding coyotes.

Metro Brush Pick up Schedule - Call 615-880-1000 to schedule brush pick up.  See

Metro Streets - Fill out an online form for street/curb repairs 615-862-8750 or go online to

Maintenance Tips -  Every couple of years your lamp post and mailbox may require a fresh coat of black paint, sidewalks and driveways should also be sealed.