Vision/Mission/Guiding Principles


The Meadows of Seven Points is a place that we are all proud to call home--a true community of friendly, caring and respectful neighbors who cooperate with each other to affirm and grow the value of both our property and our friendships.


The mission of the Board of the Meadows of Seven Points Homeowners Association, Inc is to preserve and enhance the property of our subdivision by maintaining the common ground areas, and upholding our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s) and polices. The Board will serve the Homeowners by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interest of all homeowners. The Meadows of Seven Points subdivision will be maintained as a safe, friendly, and enjoyable place to live for each homeowner and his/her respective family. 

Guiding Principles for the MOSPHOA Board:

1) Utilize the experience of The Board members to make and implement responsible decisions and to be good stewards regarding the use of funds and assets belonging to the Association.  Conduct business with transparency, providing regular financial statements including statements of receivables and expenses on a periodic basis. 

2) Uphold the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s) and policies of the Homeowners Association by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interest of all homeowners to ensure that all additions/changes to lots, homes, and property in the subdivision will preserve and/or enhance the value of our properties as a whole.

3) Treat every issue which comes before the Board with respect.  Work with residents in a professional, objective, ethical manner and resolve or respond to requests in a timely manner.  Resolutions and responses will be clearly communicated to affected parties.  In the event of a denial of a homeowner’s request, a reason for the denial will be provided, and where possible, suggestions to resubmit for consideration will be included.

4)  Protect and enhance the value of our neighborhood by maintaining all common areas. 

5) Communicate with homeowners in a timely manner through appropriate mediums, and facilitate opportunities for subdivision activities and committees promoting a close-knit neighborly community that works together for the good of all.